Volunteer Breakouts

caryCary Curry

Cary is a member of Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, where he currently serves as an elder and helps mentor college students. He loves live theater and you’ve probably seen him at his favorite restaurant, Uptown Cafe here in Bloomington. When he’s not serving at Sherwood Oaks, he is working with IU Christian Student Fellowship, vacationing with his wife and boys and relaxing on the beaches of Sarasota.

Breakout One: A Call to Disciple

Cary has discipled over 40 young men and continues to speak out on this biblical command. His goal is to spark a passion in men and women to pour into our next generation of leaders to grow the Kingdom of God. He will share from his soon to be published book on the subject, address myths of discipling, equip you with confidence to mentor, and share the blessings of this individual spirit led ministry.


Breakout Two: Faith and Homosexuality

One of the most desired topics for discussion with our middle and high school students is homosexuality. Unfortunately, discussion is avoided like the plague. In the past 2 years, Cary has spoken to small groups, high school Core groups, large classroom settings and college students on how the scriptures speak to us as followers of Christ.