Teen Breakouts

Teens will have the opportunity to attend two breakouts on Saturday. We’ll be updating this page as we get more info, so check back regularly!

Breakout One (11:10am)
Choose from one of the following:

  • Christianity 101 (Faith Basics) taught by Stacy Muffler
    • Who is Jesus? What are the basic beliefs of Christians? This session will answer these questions. A great session for the curious, and those who would like a refresher!
  • How to Tell my Story taught by Vickie Carmichael
    • Do you struggle with how to share the story of your faith? Do you worry that your story is too boring or doesn’t matter? Do you wonder how to put your journey into words? This class will help!
  • Placed for a Purpose taught by Marcy Cook
    • Do you ever wonder if your life matters? Does God have a plan for where and who you are right now? Come learn how you are placed for a purpose.
  • An Honest Look at You taught by Dr. Betty Dlamini
    • What is it about being a girl that is so hard sometimes? We want the perfect hair, the perfect clothes, the perfect boy…but what does it all mean? We’ll be looking at relationships, boys and how to honor yourself and God with your choices.

Breakout Two (1:05pm)
Choose from one of the following:

  • Bible Journaling taught by the Cherie Wilson
    • In this heart journaling class, you will use a composition book to make scripture come alive with doodling, watercolor, and much more. (Supplies are included, but you may bring your Bible if you wish.)
  • Drama taught by Brookelyn Edgar
    • Let your inner star shine! Learn the basics of body movement and how to make the most of your time on stage in this fun, relaxed class.
  • Photography taught by Katie Killion
    • Learn how to take better pictures from a professional photographer! (If you have a cell phone/MP3 players with a camera, you are welcome to bring it to this class, but it is not required.)
  • Self-Defense taught by Paul Post
    • Learn the skills you need to be safe and smart! This breakout is taught by a Bloomington police officer.