One Mom Breakouts

One Mom Breakouts:

jodiwebJodi Hoagland

Jodi Hoagland is the Wellness Coordinator for Bill C. Brown Associates and a Registered Nurse with nearly 25 years of experience. After 20 years in clinical medicine with a focus in oncology and home health infusion therapies, Jodi pivoted into health promotion and education in the health insurance and employee benefits landscape. Her and her husband, Matthew consider themselves ‘townies’ after living in Bloomington for over 22 years and are enjoying their empty nest. They are the parents of three very wonderful and hysterical adult children, one of which is a daughter, which gives Jodi a small amount of credibility for this workshop. A sweet and lovely shelter dog named Sassy and a hateful, mean-spirited cat who refuses to die round out the household.

Breakout Topic: I Will Survive: Parenting a Daughter with Joy & Humor

This workshop will discuss how to incorporate simple, yet critical stress management tools into daily life to better cope with the challenges of parenting a tween/teen daughter. Participants will also strategize interventions for managing expectations, setting boundaries, providing a lifelong example of wellness, and dealing with change.

donnakDonna Konstanski

Donna Konstanski is a long time resident of Bloomington (who daily LONGS for the Sea!). The most important title she presently holds is “Nonna Donna” to her three Grandchildren (Thacia, Damaris & Nelson)!

Breakout Topic: Did God Really ask ME to do this? Taking Steps of Faith

Together with four dear friends (Gretchen, Margaret, Sadee, Stephanie) we will share how GOD gave an idea to a very unlikely candidate to answer the prayer of children in Nigeria asking God  for a bus to get them to school!

elizabethmElizabeth Moore

Elizabeth has a wonderful husband and two amazing daughters who are 15 and 3 years old. She currently works at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church in student and married life ministries and is pursuing a Master’s Diploma in Biblical Counseling with a specialization in Child and Adolescent Development from Light University.


Breakout Topic: Technology and Parenting

Navigating teenagers and their emotions is hard enough and adding technology into the mix can be overwhelming. This workshop is designed to let moms know that they are not alone in the technology battle and will help give practical advice and tips to strengthen the positive aspects of technology while decreasing the overuse and confusion it often brings.

jenhJennifer Huff

Jennifer Huff-a marriage and family therapist, campus minister to international IU students, and a mother of 2 teens and 1 tween, who desires to build lasting faith in her children, and recognizes how much she needs others in this process.


Breakout Topic: Sticky Faith – Cultivating Faith in your Kids that will “stick” into adulthood

Come learn what recent research shows regarding teens whose faith ‘sticks’ into adulthood and practical ways we can cultivate ‘sticky faith’ into our children.