History of One Girl


ClaudiaDivinely orchestrated. That is how authors Claudia Mitchell and Kim Goad describe their book One Girl Can Change the World. They were meeting at a coffee shop to plan for that year’s summer girl’s camp and, somewhere in their passionate (and highly caffeinated) discussion, Claudia waved her arms in the air and exclaimed, “We should write a book called One Girl Can Change the World!”

“Divinely orchestrated” is also how Claudia and Kim would describe every girl’s life. “One Girl Can Change the World” — their book that is now the basis for the annual One Girl Conference — delves into the idea that every girl, tween, teen, woman, or mom has a purpose to love and serve God. However, the authors understand that while our purpose is common, the ways of showing our faith and God’s love is extremely and wonderfully different.

The book compares and contrasts multiple types of leadership styles in hope that every girl will connect with the kind of leader they are.  After this first difficult, but exciting, step in discovery, girls can develop their talents to uniquely begin changing the world.

The One Girl Conference’s sole purpose is to educate women on using their passions to serve God and provide worship, encouragement and motivation so they may be spurred to boldly change the way the face every day.  Women from across the Midwest will be prepared with what it takes to live a life that glorifies God and to lead others to do the same.