About Us

The One Girl Conference was originally developed around the concepts from the book, “One Girl Can Change The World” written by Claudia Mitchell and Kim Goad.  The One Girl Conference is an inspired gathering of girls, moms, and leaders that come together to learn about God’s purpose for their lives and every girl’s ability to change the world. The conference is for girls 9 to 18 years old AND for the moms of those girls!  Moms can take part in the One Mom portion of the conference.

Throughout the conference, there is time for worshiping God, group lessons (split up as One Tween and One Teen), break-out sessions, skits, bonding with new and old friends, and a ton of FUN!  This year’s conference is on September 19 & 20 and the theme is In Pursuit.

As the One Girl Mission Statement says, we hope to:

“Motivate and inspire young women to change the world for Christ with culturally relevant and biblically true worship and teaching with a focus on leadership development.”